Daov piznn u pivdlku. Who has to pay and how to do it?

Are you employed and self-employed? Rent a house, house, or do you have income from the sale of a garden? We provide an overview of when you must file a tax return and which pecuniary income is exempt from this obligation.

When you earn a living as an employee and the total non-employee income does not exceed 6,000 crowns per year, you do not have to pay the tax at all. Up to six thousand jepivdlek impunity. In the same way, when you make a deal of agreements from which the employer meets the so-called Serbian tax.
When you, as an employee, live in everything, the tax credit will not be lost. You will have to fill in the same form even in a situation where you have some kindness activity, you received a valuable gift from someone else, you bought the land and immediately sold it at a profit.

We wouldn’t be a bag in Czech if it was clear. For some types of beer you can have income and tens of thousands of crowns and you don’t have to pay. How is it mon? The final exception only applies to income that ends up in 10. Name it other income. According to the lengths, these other incomes are divided into seven categories, one of which is a business activity, denoted by the letter A. It includes, for example, income from the sale of own products, irregular lending or sale of garden furniture.

These other income must not be included in the tax return if they do not exceed 30 thousand crowns per year. Dleit is an invitation. Whatever case you have, when you bake a custom cake once a month, you can see the regularity in such an event. You should issue a business license and have a cake as a business, you would like to pay a fee from the employer.

The same applies to all sales of own products on the Internet tritch, as well as all goats, weavers, knitters, crushing mothers for parents, who sell fler.cz once in a while with their product, should have a trade. The same applies to those who buy something cheap in the world and sell dr. And these are cotton t-shirts, character shoes and biutern components.

Income is not a profit

And he was careful about income, not profit. Also, when you give someone a website and you shoot 29,999 crowns, you don’t have to admit anything. When you make a kitchen jump for someone, you expect 30,100 crowns with the fact that the material vs. the saw at 20 thousand, you will have to give a tax, although the profit was only
10 100 crowns.

It’s different with a lot

Velait se ned pleitostn, pesto have a very large lion. The income from their activities is hidden in other income, and what’s more, they have a different income limit that you have to acknowledge. Many who do not sell anything other than honey (ie do not trade in wax, flakes, mead a) and do not have more than 60 l, do not have to pay anything.

It is simply taken that the income from one meadow is 500 crowns per year. In practice, the bag from the sale of 60 l of you, as well as the tens of thousands of borders, could be baked. Whoever had the bag, and the sale of anything other than honey, he must seem to admit.

When to sell something

Imagine the situation: mm 120 kilograms and the answer corresponds to atnk. Then I decide to radically change my lifestyle and lose half weight. What about a bag of dark clothes? These are just pkn and character things. When you sell your property in such a case, you will not report anything to the financial community.

You bought for a tax pension, you sold it, it was your personal belongings. Beware, if you repeatedly advertise and sell luxury companions of XXL size, you will get the impression that it is not a slimming and subsequent sale, but a hidden business.

And again there are exceptions. Obleen, inappropriate kitchen mixer or book you don’t want. You can sell you the second day after you bought it. If you buy a car, boat or plane, you can sell them immediately, but you must state the transaction in the tax return, and if you spend on it, pay fifteen percent income tax from the profit. And to pay you from the issue of the press release, the sale of movable property is not a flat income (letter A), but a sale of movitch (letter C). If you sell the bag and after a year from the acquisition of the tax, you do not have to opt.

Go nco sloitj it’s with the sale of real estate. Imagine selling an apartment. If you have lived in it for at least two years (or owned it for five years and you rented it), it will not be affected. Not even when you make a profit.

What if you stay here? You don’t need it at all, because it’s at the other end of the republic, you don’t want to rent it, but the two million you could wipe for it would be very useful. If the person you inherited the apartment from passed the time test (I have lived for 2 years or actually 5 years), you do not have to worry about the tax. It only pays in the case of ddictv, if you bought the property, then take the time test from the date of purchase.

Obvan dodann

The advantage of life and pension insurance is that their payments can be deducted from the tax base and at the same time the payments made by the employer are exempt from taxes. It is necessary to take into account that in case of premature cancellation of the contract there is a breach of conditions, exemption expires and the application of income with the income and it is necessary to deliver the applied discount for ten years back, the real tax base in the period when the breach of conditions occurred.

The applied discount must always be sold out, for the employer’s payments until 2015, the insurance company has paid out the printing fee; from 2016, the right must be carried out by each of them. These are exempt contributions, not total payments. Vi pspvk sdl insurance company or wage thorns.

When I work on a deal

If you have concluded an agreement with the employer on the execution of the work, he will automatically pay the so-called Serbian tax for a fee of up to ten thousand crowns.

You can then decide. Either you don’t have to pay anything, or you can put the income and the tax in the tax return. This type of option is suitable for those whose taxable income (from employment, business, rent) was not high and they did not exhaust the entire discount on the taxpayer. Thanks to these discounts, they shake me.

A throw-in for retirees, students, people in parental leave, those who haven’t worked all year. The procedure is also suitable for those who have a low income and need to reimburse them to reach the limit of 73,200 crowns of income, which are you to get the right to a tax bonus for children.

Please note that although the allowance can be paid according to similar rules, honors and income for honor cannot be included in the tax return.

When do you have to give yourself a note:

  • You are employed, but your other debts, for example from rent, are 6,000 crowns.
  • If you have one main employer and at the same time in the same period also other income from vertical activities, the most frequent is an agreement on employment or an agreement on the performance of work, if the tax is taxable.
  • You are not employed and you earn more than 15,000 CZK per year from business, rent and so-called other activities. Tk se to nap. pensioner, student, people at Rodiovsk.
  • You report a loss from the business, although you did not have a profit of even 15,000 K, but you will want to increase the loss in the following period.
  • Receive income from abroad and also from activities in the country.
  • You only have income from your employer, but in 2018 you have a tax base of not 1,438,992 K and you will pay solid tax.
  • If you are an OSV, in 2018 you did not have income from this activity and you do not have any other, inform your tax return administrator at least zero declaration or at least declare that in 2018 you did not have any taxable income.
  • You inherited or received a gift of less than 15,000 K from someone unrelated.
  • You won the lottery and the organizer didn’t take it.
  • You have received an insurance indemnity, which is a payment of wages (for example, for a job).
  • You have income from the sale of valuables, which you have owned for less than three years.
  • You have terminated a premature supplementary pension or life insurance policy, which you claimed in the rebates.

When the employer submits a letter for all of them:

  • You are only employed. Even if you claim years from the mortgage, donations from charities, life insurance payments for all your employers, if you have given him confirmation. If you didn’t make it by the 15th of February, you can file a tax return yourself and apply for discounts.
  • If you only have income from more than one employee in a row, you can apply to your last employer for the performance of a set of deposits, you must provide him with a certificate of taxable income from the employers.
  • You do not have income or only those that are exempt from taxes (for example, unemployment benefits, parental leave, sickness benefits, sickness benefits, scholarships and insurance benefits that do not cover non-payment of wages).
  • Mte krom zamstnn jen pleitostn pjmy (10) do 30 000 K za rok.
  • Pay the tax (dividends, profit shares, years from the deposit, agreements on the performance of work up to 10,000 K, honor for contributions to copper up to 10,000 K…)
  • Your income is only from vertical activities abroad, which are exempt from taxes in R.
  • You inherited or received a gift from pbznch.
  • You won the lottery and the organizer took it away.
  • You earn income from the sale of real estate and some movitch, which you have owned for some time.

This is just basic information. If in doubt, consult your tax advisor. The link was prepared in cooperation with Blanka Marková, a tax advisor to ekofi.cz.