Drunks behind the wheel often expect lifetime installments. If peij

The furnace has nothing to change, the situation is under control. And when, I connect the furnace. It flashes the head of many idiots who get behind the wheel “under the influence”. And it doesn’t matter if he drank alcohol or a drug circulated in his blood.

According to police statistics, there were twelve people who caused the accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, such offers are not covered by the insurance, the entire code must be paid by yourself.

Damaged for compensation will not lose, in the pay vink

Although the insurance company pays for the accident caused by the insurance company, we then blame ourselves on it.

“In the case of compulsory liability, if the mode of accident goes to a person who drank alcohol or was under the influence of drugs, the victim is provided with compensation for health and property, always, even if it is an unmountable vehicle,” explains Kateina Krsov from Direct connection.

In the case of emergency insurance, this usually means a combination of insurance and in such a case of insurance – ie drunken idia – the right to reimbursement of the code does not arise at all.

“After those with disabilities, we demand pensions back in practice, which will take place in practice in the form of small installments. It’s a warning. People often do not feel that they can indebted not only themselves but also their families, ”warns Allianz Vclav Blek.

The city of the dream house fulfills the insurance debt

If the sheet metal is damaged by plates and hundreds of thousands, if the bag is injured and the code on other people’s property, the total debt can be paid into plates of one million crowns. Wait for the idia vinkapak, sometimes for the rest of my life.

And he gave a nuisance. If Vink does not have time to pay the entire debt for his lifetime, let the “drek” stop. Debt setoti will become a bite of ddickho zen.Take of it will be left to go “rdi” remember.

Don’t refuse to pay

Do you think that when you refuse to breathe, you’re out of it and the police don’t know anything about it? Error. “If a driver refuses to test for alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances, or if he is labeled with damage to the vehicle’s engine, he is assessed as if he were under the influence of alcohol or others in the mentioned substances,” said the same representatives of all the constituents.

Don’t pay off or give a dead beetle. If you decide not to send the installment, treat you as with any other debt. The claim is enforceable through the execution of women. Also confiscated property, found srky from here and the like.

The co-driver is usually so complicated

How do you deal with a situation where a passenger is injured in an accident? Je mon dokzat, e vdl, e idi pil? What if you don’t admit it?

“If the co-driver demonstrably knows that he is driving under the influence of alcohol, he is complicit in the creation of the damage and his compensation is reduced,” says Kateina Krsov from Direct pojiovny. ” from Kooperativa. Such a case are currently non-young people driving from discos, when the whole crew of the car drinks together and one of them then sits behind the wheel.

Courts assess the mole according to the doloench substrate, usually between 20 and 50 percent. If the damaged bag proves that he could not know that he is driving under the influence of alcohol, of course he will not reduce the insurance benefit at his claim.

Proven is tk, according to the testimony

Demonstration that the passenger knew about the alcohol consumption before driving is self-evident, however, it is often possible to trace the circumstances before driving, where they went from and for when the code was accurate, for example to get and listen to witnesses and other activities of the culprit and According to Jan Marek from esk pojiovny So here it is important to claim to the passenger that he did not know.

“It simply came to our notice then. If the co-driver sits down to the drunken idea, then, for example, the principle of randomness, which is in the world a basic principle of insurance. Then the connection company will first be able to baptize its claimed code, ”to Vclav Blek.

“But there is undoubtedly a difference between when the track or your neighbor sits down to a drunken offer, who also stops a few times along the way and then crashes. A track in such a case could get out of the car. If the car stops to stop getting drunk by a motorist, and if accidents occur within the next few kilometers, it is clear that the hunter in the passenger seat could not do much. And in such a case, the insurance company does not fully deduct, ”explains Allianz.

For all the one from Uniqa pojiovny: The client sat in the car after drinking alcohol, a co-driver sat down, who knew that the driver was drinking before driving. The court was totiprokzno that before that they lived together in wine, where she even ordered drinks for both. The passenger was seriously injured in the ensuing accidents caused by the driver. In addition, she was pipitan, violating the rules of operation.

“In this case, compensation was sent in the amount of many hundreds of thousands of crowns, which was reduced by 20 percent for the co-driver,” said Eva Svobodov.