Even during the covid crisis, they started their dream business. A maj spch

Kristna and Petr are life partners. Since last December, work partnerships have also been added. They found out that even at the time of the coves with the original employees, they did not succeed, so they threw themselves into the production of sushi. In the Zlín region, he had an unprecedented interest and fresh entrepreneurs have something to do to satisfy all customers. They are also proof that even in times of crisis, entrepreneurs are doing well.

You have worked as a product manager (OSV). It is also clear that you drank a lot because of the precautions in connection with the covid, because everything is not enough for me, it does not replace and nothing happens. It is so?
It is not entirely true that nothing is melted or loaded. It’s just me, and unfortunately I was unlucky that my projects didn’t start during the covid period. Even though I’m not under the bottom of the production, but I work as a freelancer, it was hard for me to get a job.

How were you, were you tired?
I wasn’t Natvan. Such things just happen sometimes and I decided to focus on how to solve my problem with work. I was looking for a way where I could realize myself. And in the end it worked out.

When did piel npad zat produce and sell sushi?
Sushi projects ml in the heads at long mj ptel peter. And so, in the difficult days, we said that it was time for us to move from dreams to their realization, and we just jumped into it. Paradoxically, covid and sten helped in this, because due to the pandemic, development services developed. Thanks to that, we could only own the kitchen without a large potent investment in the traditional restaurant.

Sushi is definitely not a regional specialty, haven’t you been afraid, or will you have to compete with competitors?
Since we are not entirely new to the local market, we knew that sushi in Zlín is more interesting. Petr has been closing the sushi tasting for many years and a lot of visitors repeatedly said that he should start his own business.

As for the competition, it is here, of course, but it is dark in whatever field you choose to do business. Our goal is to make our sushi honest and as good as possible, and the customers will then choose where they like it.

On your website that: Taste how delicious real sushi tastes. I would probably look for real sushi in Japan, not in Zln. Where is your sushi yin? And what is the longest for n?
See, thanks to them, you can find real sushi in Zlín as well. It’s the same as when you don’t have to go to the USA for a real and great burger. So quality and real sushi can be prepared anywhere. We have a bit of a disadvantage, because here in the Czech Republic we can’t, but we managed to find several exceptional suppliers who can carry quality and especially really fresh raw materials.

Also the basis are quality raw materials?
Raw materials are only one hundred times the result. The second important thing is how to deal with them. It is very important to you how to feed the fish, how you will soften the time. In m sv procedures. When you go to something and don’t be afraid to experiment, the result is worth it. Then it’s such sushi with du.

How is the difference between eskm and japanese sushi?
The biggest difference compared to Japan is mainly in the variety of fish used. The Japanese have tiro pirozen far and monosti. Asians have a very single type of taste, such as sashimi and nigiri, where the taste of fish stands out, and in Europe, California-like complex rolls are generally popular.

Kuchaem is in ptel. Where did he learn to make sushi?
Let’s face it, Petr gained experience in one of the best sushi restaurants in Brno and Prague. He started in Sushipoint, then practiced sushi in a well-known restaurant on Wenceslas Square, which is his mouth. It was a huge round where Peter recognized the plates of sushimen. The biggest inspiration was then from Kobe, Rani, with whom we are still friends.

How long did it take from npadu to mon vae sushi to be ordered?
When we miss the many years of grinding, in the final phase, ie from June 2020, when we decided to do so, it was quite fast. We were very clear.

And where do you make sushi?
We have been looking for suitable premises for your needs for some time. We also had a little weight, because we found a kitchen that met all the rules for gastronomy and we saved a lot of paper and investment. Thanks to that, we were able to fully dedicate ourselves to the best suppliers from the Czech Republic and abroad.

How allowed and approved did you have to get and how many stamps did you get? Did you have to have a new trade license? If you do, then the first operations that produce food must comply with relatively few hygiene regulations.
As I said, thanks to the fact that we poured a kitchen, which brought it together, it was just about the diversity of gastronomy. Otherwise, it is de facto according to the regulations on the production of cold kitchens.

If you want to make it in the men’s kitchen. m vm is equipped?
We operate in one kitchen in a small guest house that meets all standards. The coincidence is that you don’t need that much sushi. Basically just coolers and freezers zazen. A rovar. He is the longest.

How much did the initial investment cost?
The largest investments for us were then the initial purchase of goods, in which the family helped a lot. But there were also great support and help from us, who participated in marketing communication, web pages, logos, graphics, photos, clothes and overall on the set characters. We are very happy that we are surrounded by nice people who are also experts in their fields, and that Sushi Hoshi has naturally become such a family business, which, according to the whole hood.

How did you get to the customers? How did you decide?
Otzka transport ns t to this day. In the meantime, let’s take advantage of the local delivery service, to which Petr has a personal connection from past operations. Even for the sake of support, the local companies here at ours were a clear choice for us.
Due to the coronavirus situation, it was clear from the moment of the arrest that we would also take away and take delivery until it was completely gone.

There is not much information about vs. Actually only two sentences, the first: As Sushi Hoshi, we have combined sly and many years of experience. Who is the strong one and who is the zkuen?
I am the one who does the best possible organization and creates the best possible working environment for Peter. Petr is then the one who puts experience, know-how and craftsmanship perfectionism into our company.

And what does nzev mean? Sushi is clear, Hoshi are about hoi?
It’s such a nice coincidence and a word. We originally thought we didn’t want a big name. I liked Sushi hoi, which was natural and unequivocal. In addition, we are such a park in business and life, so the saddle. Then we said that for fun, let’s say Japanese and hoi turned into hoshi. And then we found out that hoshi means Japanese star and all the way it fit together so nicely. We want to be the stars on the map of Zlín gastronomy (smch).

When D-Day came, were you ready?
Day D was December 7, 2020, we also started with a lucky seven. Thanks to the fact that Peter had a community of people around him who love sushi and designed his tasting veers, the first orders began to go almost immediately. At the same time, they quickly joined and gave customers who wanted to try us.

The best thing about it is not just a new customer, but a customer who tastes our sushi and starts coming back to us. This then means that our work will take a long time. We even have clients who just pop what they want that day and leave Peter, and come up with a menu for them. It’s probably the most fun for us.

You worked as a producer, you were also used to a number of problems every day. Is there anything that surprised you in the new field that you didn’t expect?
The biggest challenge was to meet Petr on the work page. We are both strong personalities and we do not agree on some things. After a while, however, the saddle will come together without any problems at work and at home.

Do u business for a year, how vs it today iv? You could apply for a compensated bonus, you decided to do business. Don’t you regret it today?
I definitely do not regret it. On the contrary, I am glad that even during a pandemic I was able to throw myself into a new and meaningful project. As for the culture and work of production in culture, it is possible to create and work here, for example for the Zln film festival, which will also be through this year.

Kolik zakzek had to, tdn …?
It’s not about the total daily number of orders, but about the number of orders that we are able to handle in two capacities. Charge both especially quarters and birds – it often happens, and they don’t like it, we have to reject orders. We want the sushi to be prepared under the same bread, and the dog can’t take the train. Our customers have even learned to pre-order sushi for these days to make sure they get to it.

How full are you in the future? Was it just a way to make money and get drunk at the work of the product?
We are actively active in the future. We would definitely move over time and open our own bistro, because we could then prepare recipes from hot kitchens, which according to us are not suitable for delivery. But we definitely don’t want anything big. It is primarily an honest craft and building of the sushi culture in Zlín.