life insurance: women, hurry up. Mui, go wait a minute

For financial advisors, Vnoce started a little two. With a hurry, offer life insurance, which will soon have to pay more for it due to the EU. The prices of other insurance policies also change.

If you are a woman, you have most likely received an offer in the last month. Not to the point, but to a step almost equally important for concluding a life insurance. “Life insurance u mm, although in recent weeks I have been called from two companies to close a new one and help me with the update of the original,” k graphics Martina with the darkness, but the binders u had no interest in her for a long time.

Insurance prices are unified

Financial advisers use the opportunity to reach out to women of age, because the date is December 21, when the unity of life insurance prices. Until then, they have cheaper life insurance, by an average of 40 percent.

It is the bottom of the fact that their life is for the insurance company many risks and the probability that the end of the insurance will reach is yours. In this way, the insurance companies will pay according to it, and most importantly you will not have to pay the agreed insurance indemnity.

This benefit for women will end on December 21st. The union took equal treatment of both sexes and adopted uniform tariffs. Until then, the insurance companies are preparing events that they want to support in order to arrange insurance. You Czech business insurance company offers an current 15 percent discount on the agreed risk of death.

The existing agreements will not be affected by the change. But the insurance policies, which come into force on December 21 and later, will go a little cheaper according to the new rates, but will be quite expensive. It will not be healthy, bad even at age and included in the risks of the group, the insurance company states that in some cases it can be increased by 80 and 90 percent. The most pessimistic estimates are also about 150 percent. Prices increase the most in middle and old age.

life raz odkodn

Unification of prices concerns mainly insurance policies, which include the risk of death. Some insurance companies also had different rates for related insurance policies: for other illnesses, daily allowances in case of illness and disability. You will also edit.

Rates will not change for so-called one-off policies, where insurance prices have usually not spilled. An exception to the rule is Uniq, for example, her spokeswoman Eva Svobodov states: “The most dangerous insurance of the risk of death, for example, lasted me the consequences of once, which will hurt by about five years, regardless of age.”

Comparison: life insurance for 1,000,000 crowns
30 let Nyn Po zmn
mu 1 304 1 040
ena 424 1 040
45 let Nyn Po zmn
mu 4 700 3 930
ena 2 134 3 930
Note: this is an example of current price differences and their unification, for other couplings prices may vary, source: Aegon

Zmna me bt k lepmu ik hormu

If you have an insurance policy and are going to change it in the future, we may find that the new prices will also affect the delivery. When you want to change the insurance policy, calculate the insurance payment according to the new rates. And bad about how they take it.

For example, when a client has a life insurance for 500 thousand crowns and wants to raise it for a million, some insurance companies will spend a new price on the whole million, others (for example, Aegon) only from the outside. The first approach is suitable for men, because even when the insurance policy is added, they can still pay the same pension. The type of variant is good for women, because the adjusted insurance does not support them much.

Who will change only the administrative parameters of the contract (new name after the wedding, address, another person who, in the event of the client’s death, the insurance company pays pensions), does not have to worry about a new price.

The new tariffs will be applied at the moment when you decide to extend your insurance period. The client decides to do so at the moment when he has taken out insurance up to 50 years (when he repays the mortgage) and later he would like to extend it to 60 years of age due to the use of tax benefits. Even such a change is worth making right away.

Ask your connection company for a specific procedure if the condition sets different rules. Komern pojiovna will take into account changes in prices when the insurance period is extended, but not when it is shortened.

Somewhere and until the last moment, elsewhere you have bad luck

Many insurance companies state that they will accept draft old contracts until the last day. However, the situation is not so clear: the insurance company must be able to process the proposal by 20 December.

Bn administrative procedures of the financial situation may work differently, and so, for example, Generali k, that “theoretically” it is possible to sign the contract on December 20. The Commercial Insurance Company will accept contracts in branches by the break date, if the contract is mediated by an external expert, it must do so for a total of two years. And, for example, Pojiovna esk spoitelny zmluvy has been “rehearsing” since June 2012.