News 2018: You can stick and have high incomes in our mountains

It is solidly paid from high incomes above the limit. Nkte ei maj krlovsk pjmy. A solid tax is not the only amount that must be paid in addition to others to the state treasury and you to the public health insurance. How news and mandatory expenditures expect in 2018 citizens with very high incomes?

Who salary in 2018 solidrn da

Solid taxes of 7% are subject to higher incomes above the limit, which in 2018 is moving upwards. While this year the decisive income of the bank is over 1,355,136 crowns, in 2018 those who earn more than 1,438,992 crowns per year will pay solidly. Solid people will probably pay the people.

Only income from vertical activities and self-employment is subject to solid taxes. The so-called passive income, such as rental income, is not subject to solid income, adds Gabriela Ivanvan of Mazars.

The payment of solid tax therefore applies only to people with very high incomes who are employed or doing business. And how to pay this da solidrn gods who are employed? If the employee will have a gross monthly salary of more than 119,916 crowns in 2018, then the employer will pay a solid salary for it. Only people with a decisive income will be obliged to pay a solid tax in the amount of 1438,992 crowns per year.

This can lead to a situation where some of them will be solidly paid, because some of your income will be lost due to high premiums. How’s that e? Employees have only income from employment, which is a solid tax shit only in some months and their year will definitely not exceed the limit, they will receive a paid solid tax back after the tax period, according to Gabriela Ivanco.

High incomes and compulsory insurance

If you have a royal income, you have to take care of the fact that, according to the rule, I will earn more money for the public health insurance, so I will pay more. For the payment of health insurance, the maximum recovery base is not set, so health insurance is paid from any high income. This applies to employees and individuals self-employed inn.

In the case of social insurance, the situation is different, it is paid only to the limit. For the year 2018, this limit is 1438,992 crowns. From the decisive income above the limit, it is not socially insured. Neither a socially insured employee nor an employer is payable from the gross wage above the limit. The last time he pays the social payroll from the gross wage in the month when the limit is reached, and in the following months the social payroll is not paid from the gross wage. OSVs can be socially connected to the maximum exchange base in the same amount, describes the practice of Gabriel Ivanco.

Income above the limit is not required to retire

And what about the very high incomes into old-age pensions? Here, the salary even in 2018 is limited by the amount of only income. So more accurate are those who do not exceed the depositor and from them are paid levies.

Incomes above the maximum depreciation base will not affect the local income, because they are not partially paid. Simplified, employees with a gross monthly salary of more than 150 thousand crowns for the whole of 2018 will spend only 119,916 crowns on their annual income, explains Gabriela Ivanco.

The limit for the application of the date paula is given

In 2018, the mountains and the OSV with high incomes, who use Paul’s marriage. These conditions for the application of tax pauses, and vigorously, apply to me.

For comparison, for the year 2017 it is possible to calculate flat data from the income and up to 2000,000 crowns, for the year 2018 this share is reduced by half. The married Paul will therefore be able to spend from the first up to a maximum of 1000,000 crowns. In practice, this means that people with very high incomes, who apply the tax paul, pay into the state tax on income tax in pensions.

A self-employed person with an annual income of 2,200,000 crowns with low actual expenses will thus claim expenses in the amount of 1,200,000 crowns when applying 60% of the tax rate in the tax return for 2017. In 2018, only 600,000 crowns were won by Gabriela Ivanco from Mazars.