Send hope on the phone, other times el death. Report from the assistance service

Anyone interested in the job of an assistance service operator is enough. But few will kidnap her. Meeting tragic and tense situations on a daily basis, in which people’s health and lives are often at stake, is a step in the right direction. After working for hours, do not hesitate to slip in front of the worker.

I enter to work young people. The average vk opertor is 25 years old. Their voices allow clients to calm down and, in a moment, get all the data from them so that they can start helping. Speak fluent English, some control nminu or panltinu and even ntinu.

“At least one world language is a prerequisite, most of them are two,” said Jana Edov, a manager who has been working in the medical service for 12 years. Business and leisure are among the exceptions. She has a huge amount of experience behind her and just don’t surprise her. Although…

Call for medical help in seconds

“We were dead this week, young woman, 30 years. She drowned in Spain. she went swimming with her husband and after a while he found out that he couldn’t see her. He didn’t want to know anything happened. He described missing her on the run, but fell silent. After an hour, he put her in a swimsuit without any signs of life, ”describes Jana erstv ppad, which was performed by everyone at work.

Even today, it has been run on the lines since morning. Calling for medical help takes about five and seven seconds. The dramatic case of another man’s lane takes place in the distance, after a car accident she was taken to a hospital, a doctor arrived at the assistance center first and you were sent to translate from English into Latin. It is necessary to rush with the translation, it is plus seven hours, in a while there will be evening. It is necessary to find out how the external wound suffered and how she was treated.

Opertoi are on such stressful knee situations, manage them over time. If the case is nron, have the opportunity to stop and breathe fresh air. “It’s happening,” Jana added.

Grandma needs to go to the hospital, choose her grandson

Let’s switch to listening to a telephone tap from the Croatian island of Hvar. A young two voice cares about his grandmother. “Since getting off the plane, he has been suffering from a huge pain in his knee. Go just st, ”k.

The operator’s voice sounds experienced and helpful, the door is obviously calming down, and it’s hardly enough to help me cope with the difficult life situation of the same old woman. “It seems that a professional examination by an orthopedist will be necessary,” the operator says. As soon as he had contact with a specialist in the hospital, he called the court back.

Get involved in the case and assist lkai. They, too, have to master English fluently, but they don’t sit in the call center. The bag must be available by phone or internet at any time to help you immediately in situations where you have them. “Both of them are fighting with people, for example from Egypt or Turkey, who are trying to heal their health needs and then send high invoices for medical services that they did not provide at all,” I learn.

We need a tow truck, call an idea

Vratislav and Tom gave two cases two opera tables. Compared to the previous ones, they can seem banln, this time it’s not about life. An idic got stuck on the kiosk in the cracks of the epch, he can’t start. “For the car failed? Tko or, it is probably also about the idisk art of the client herself. You didn’t choose a tow truck for the first time, “Vratislav smiles.

I have technical problems in the Czech Budjovice, his broken car is also full of children. Opertoi find out where to send the towing service and see how the ideas are connected. “The tow truck is on its way. The costs are covered by insurance, “hls turn idim. Both cases are resolved within minutes. But don’t worry so easily.

“When a breakdown lasts over 3.5 tons, you need to clean the road from broken and spilled material and agree with the shelf, but the situation often takes several hours,” said Veronika, head of the technical assistance shift.

I learn that they often travel around Europe with huge equipment to have a great time abroad. When they break down abroad and take them off, they are then transported to the Czech Republic of material meters, including pets.

If injuries occur on the roads, the work of technical and medical assistants will merge and together they will carry out the various fates of the people. “When you call a young Czech motorbike who got injured on an Irish road and you find that he is paralyzed and dies, it’s not easy,” said Veronika.

On vplatn psce 23 to 28 tisc hrubho

20 and 40 operators work on the whole 24 hours. Among them are graduates of middle rounds and colleges. Some also work here while studying.

“The operator must be patient, he must be able to put himself in the situation, but keep calm and balance. With this, a hunter has to be born, it is seldom possible to develop such qualities, ”says Jaroslav Kratochvl, director of the Mondial Assistance technical department.

“Salaries in assistance services should not be high. They range from 23 to 28 thousand crowns in gross terms, depending on experience, hours worked and position, which is also the case with us, ”adds Zbigniew Macura, Operations Director.

The huge foreign exchange that young people receive when they work is life experience. If they decide to leave, they will be able to evaluate her perfectly in his work career.