The first establishment shoela them. They did not give up and started their business in a big way

Tom Kraji and his wife Veronika started a business in the nineties. In the park they made a house of potatoes and also had a buffet in Uherský Brod. The buffet is twice forgotten, but Cyril’s potato pancakes are now known abroad.

What did your arrests look like?
Smaen Brambrk and I started working with my wife in 1995 in a factory that we rented in Luhaovice. It was laid out, how to, a garrison. After the local dining rooms, we got a bath tub in which you laughed. We bought potatoes from farmers or whoever had any of the towns. We pulled sacks of potatoes from the trunk of the car on the walls. We dreamed in the morning, we delivered in the afternoon.

The shovel was moving from the shovel, we used a blown dmak from the ass. we dug the runes and packed the finished potatoes into cellophane, from which oil flowed. We transported them to people in banners from bann, later even in folded cartons for shoes. It was asy. (smch)

You drank about the original production, when the object was hit by a fatal por. What was the first thought that came to mind when you arrived at the vyhoel companies?
Of course, if we should continue with the business at all and what will last. But that night my wife and I decided not to give up. Until the week we were again in operation, of course, with very limited options. At the same time, however, we knew that this was the first impulse to produce the potato really hard and on a large scale.

At that moment, how does a hunter decide whether to wrap it up or start a business again and you and the cling?
Managing the original operation did not make any sense at all. That would be a step backwards. Therefore, we started to travel around the world and learn about various modern technologies and to see how exactly we want to dimension the production and what we want to automate. We just decided to start a real company. We had some experience and we knew how to do it. During 2014, we took part in the production hall in Slavin, where we grew up.

She had a decision made by your uprising Wallachian stubborn body?
My little yes. It is important for me to not give up even in moments when it is not easy. But this property must have every hunter who founded a company or project and wants to succeed.

Today you have a new modern establishment. Do you have any special technology that sets you apart from other manufacturers?
We’re not sure about the potatoes in today’s run, it wouldn’t even work, we process a potato truck every day. But even though we have modern technology, our production is still very much dependent on people. We currently have around six employees, half of them in production. Even though we are constantly innovating, we strive to maintain technological procedures and a proven recipe so that the resulting product is still the same.

You know, things to eat from Wallachia are excellent in taste and just as easy. Take for example Wallachian Frgl. Basically, it’s a completely simple bike. Vizovick slivovice is also not well developed. When it comes to potatoes, it’s similar. We do not want them to be colorful, orange, but more classic and retail, which fit into the local color. Simple, domck. Just handcuffs quality potatoes, don’t rid them of blanch nutrients, honestly smear them, pack them and let people on the table as soon as possible. Nothing vc.

How did covid sign in your business?
Until recently, we focused mostly on the customers of gastronomic establishments, restaurants, cafeterias, pubs and so on. It is something else during the time when the traditional customer must be temporarily closed. At the same time, it is a good challenge for us to get to other customers as well. For example, we want to get more into business chains. But it’s complicated: our potatoes are distributed fresh, they are not canned, and therefore they do not have long to fly in the racks. On the other hand, they show that the end customer buys when he has the opportunity.

You started the company together with you manelka, now the financial director of the company. Today, your three children also work in other managerial positions. fuj IT, logistics, production and marketing. Have you been so mistaken since the arrest, or did it drink by itself?
During adolescence, of course, all children claimed that they would never work with them in their lives. On the other hand, they have somehow helped the business since childhood. Sometimes they had to fry potato chips or be on hand at a car ride. Originally, however, the company was not built so that we think about it. After the aforementioned riot, however, the company grew rapidly and suddenly it began to make sense. Dtem i nm se enou.

When I started a business, I wanted to provide for my family and I wanted to prove something, because he was not up to anyone, to try to make decisions for himself. At that time, it never occurred to me that I could build such a large company. Together with the Slovak france, it is turning to a turnover of two million.

How long do you keep your company from the time you work as a family?
We have a clear boundary on our employment relationships and have nothing to do with personal things. Let me care what it works for me. We dream not to talk about work during family events. We all have partners, families and we don’t want to bother ourselves or their business in our free time. I think we all really want it and it works for a very long time. At work, all my children and fe.

In your opinion, do you associate the benefits of a purely family business? And how did I weaken the pages?
It is clear that even in families it is a matter of common interest. In a family business, we work for each other in a way. That’s a strong thing. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate the family from the employment relationship is both about nerves. But it’s worth it and I wouldn’t change anything in that regard.

What are you most up to? And what is the longest, according to vs for spch in business?
Given that we started from scratch, I consider the biggest hurry that the company has been operating for 26 years and the interest in our products has a growing tendency. We are proud to have obtained the KLASA mark, which is marked for products that, unlike other similar products on the market, are unique and impressed by their quality.

The most important thing, according to me, is to live up to one’s own idea, to take the goal, not to give up at first, and to surround oneself with people who are on the same wave. You have to keep up with the times and not fall asleep on your laurels.

How did the name Cyril’s potato come about? Is that after someone in your family?
It was so that the original buffet in Uherský Brod was called U Cyrila. When we broke the name of the buffet, I remembered my childhood at my grandmother, where a barge of a barn like Cyril lived by a dog. He was walking with agana and the children were yelling at them very deeply and he paid for it. Otherwise, Cyril is a relatively common name here in Moravia, and that is why the U Cyrila buffet was created, and consequently Cyril’s potatoes.

Where to be with your family and do you see the company in five years?
I see myself and my wife in the retirement on the road on motorcycles and children firmly in women’s business. (smch) No, te vn. Of course, as I did, the main thing for us is to get everything into the business chain. And make sure that our potatoes are more visible. You put things to come then by themselves.